Have you been struggling with your weight and fat loss? Does it seem like the scale doesn’t move no matter how much you exercise? Or perhaps you have lost weight in the past only to gain it back, and a few more pounds on top of it. I have great news for you! Your struggle is over. I have the perfect program to help you lose that weight for good. It’s time to stop dieting and start living!

As a Certified Level 2 Coach with Precision Nutrition – the world leader in nutrition education for professionals – I am able to deliver the PN ProCoach curriculum directly to you! My 12-month, habit-based, online nutrition coaching program, Habits for Health Nutrition Coaching, is powered by PN’s ProCoach curriculum and will guide you slowly, successfully, and sustainably toward the healthy lifestyle and fit body you desire. The small, doable steps of Habits for Health – done consistently – will bring about transformative change in your body and your mindset. But you will not be doing this alone. I will be with you, as your personal nutrition coach!

This is not a diet program or a meal plan but a sustainable life style that will change the way you look at food. There are no fads, no calorie counting, and no feeling deprived.

You will receive daily online lessons and bi-weekly habits that will change your mindset and transform your life, one small, do-able step at a time.

If you have eating restrictions or allergies, if you like to eat paleo, vegetarian, vegan, or just a bit of everything, this program will work for you because YOU decide what you will eat. You will learn what foods work for your body and your lifestyle. YOU are in charge, but I will be there with you every step of the way if you need more guidance.

Incorporating healthy eating into your life is a process. Let Habits for Health help guide you on this journey. The daily lessons will help you overhaul your current nutrition habits with strategies that can be easily integrated into your busy life. Change is hard but I am here to support you as you incorporate small, daily, healthy habits into your life.

During this 12-month period you will receive:

  • A personalized quick start nutrition guide
  • Daily emails to help guide you and keep you on track
  • A new habit every 2 weeks to help you slowly and successfully incorporate new ideas and practices into your life
  • The guidance and support of me, a certified Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach
  • Access to a program that has already worked for 45,000 people who have lost over 900,000 pounds, transforming their bodies and their health
  • A structured, scientifically proven online program to help you achieve your goals and stay consistent

In addition, you can also choose to utilize an expertly-designed exercise program, tailored to your skill level, goals and time available. By combining both exercise and nutrition, you will reach your health goals that much quicker. Like the nutrition lessons, you will receive a daily exercise plan, with full gym, at-home, quick, or workout on your own options.

Please call 562-221-0727 or send an email to tami@motionispower.com to begin your journey to a healthier, happier you!